Hampshire Uniform’s Full Collection range

Our Full Collection range displays all of our Schoolwear range, from all of our suppliers, in all of their colours with the respective size guide.

We have ample amount of suppliers that offer different quality, colours and sizes for each garment, ready for any colour option your school has.

We have 2 options for schools;


Wholesale is where your school bulk purchases from Hampshire Uniforms at a very competitive price and you sell direct to your parents. However, you will be responsible for the storage, collection of payments and distribution to the parents.


Retail is where Hampshire Uniforms sells directly to your parents. We list all items on our website, we also handle the storage, payment and distribution of goods direct to your parents.

‘Request a Quote’ Tool

All of our Full Collection range, has the option to ‘Request a Quote’. You can use our ‘Request a Quote’ tool to request prices based on your requirements. These include the Wholesale/Retail option, number of students and any other information which may be needed.

When using the ‘Request a Quote’ tool, you will be allowed to enter your current price for the garment, this allows us to work competitively.

If there are any questions, please contact us directly.

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