Sweatshirt Size Chart

Sizes (Age)Arm Length (A)1/2 Chest Length (B)Body Length (C)
3/4 (XS)43 cm37 cm43 cm
5/6 (S)48 cm40 cm48 cm
7/8 (M)55 cm43 cm53 cm
9/10 (L)62 cm46 cm58 cm
11/12 (XL)69 cm49 cm63 cm
13 (XXL)73 cm50 cm66 cm
Tolerance +/- 2cm.
Arm Length (A) – Start at the shoulder and measure down to the wrist
1/2 Chest Length (B) – Measure the chest (2-3 cms down from armpit) and divide by 2
Body Length (C) – Measure Highest point of shoulder down to the hip